what will happen in the first session?

Your therapist will greet you in our waiting area and offer you a refreshing beverage to start. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable in this space. Above all, therapy is most effective when you feel safe and connected with your therapist, so we will start with that.

Your first session will involve a little bit of information gathering for your therapist. They would like to hear what brings you to therapy and whether you have any goals. They will spend some time getting to know you, asking about your history and current coping skills. This session will move at your pace, and does not require you to share all of your story if you don't feel ready.

Your therapist will typically provide you with some insight and possible treatment options at the end of your first session. This part of the process is very collaborative, and it is important that you feel comfortable with how your goals are approached. Your therapist will explain your options and answer all of your questions. We want you to leave with a greater understanding of what is going on for you, how we can help, and what that process will look like.

Do you direct bill?

With your written consent, we are able to direct bill to Blue Cross and Green Shield. Other amounts can be paid using credit card and we will provide a receipt that you can submit to other insurance companies for reimbursement. Please check what available coverage you have, as amounts vary from $500 annually and upward.

How often should I attend therapy?

This is an excellent question and one we are asked frequently. Therapy is a collaborative process, meaning that you your therapist work together to figure out what might be the best plan to help you reach your goals. You are the expert on YOU and your therapist is the expert on mental health.

Figuring out how often to attend doesn’t have a magic formula, but there are a few factors that will help us determine the answer, such as:

  • Are you currently experiencing a crisis? If so, frequent attendance may be most helpful

  • Finances

  • Scheduling (if you are extremely busy we need to think carefully about how much we can reasonably add to your plate)

  • Motivation

  • Your individual pace

The most common attendance rate for our clients is either weekly or biweekly appointments. For those who like a little extra time, we do 90 minute sessions. Some individuals attend once a month and find this to be helpful maintenance of non-pressing issues.

Ultimately, we can work with whatever is manageable for you.

How do i schedule sessions?

If it is your first session, you can easily reach out to arrange an initial meeting by using the form below. Our wonderful office administrator, Jill,  will respond to you via email and provide some important information to help you decide if we will be a great fit. She will also ask a little bit about what is bringing you to therapy to determine which therapist has the right skills to help you meet your goals.

We utilize an online booking system that allows you to schedule, change, or cancel your own appointments. Jill can provide you the information to create your profile and book your own appointments.