Individual Therapy

$200* per 60 minute session

Individual therapy offers the opportunity to explore whatever areas of concern you would like to address. Your therapist will spend some time in your first meeting reviewing your goals and gaining an understanding of what hopes you may have for the therapy process. Our intention is to create a treatment plan in your first session together and your therapist may offer suggestions for what they feel may be the best approach to resolving whatever issues you may be dealing with. This is a collaborative process, and your input and comfort level is very important to us.

For more information about what a typical first session looks like, please click here.


Couples work focuses on addressing issues within the relationship dynamic. Your therapist will provide support, skills, and insight into patterns that may be causing dysfunction or unhappiness in your relationship. Our intention for working with couples is to help you learn how to communicate with each other most effectively so you may better understand one another and resolve issues with minimal conflict. 

We work with couples from all walks of life dealing with various challenges. Whether you are simply looking to strengthen your relationship, wanting to change unhelpful patterns in your dynamic, or even determining whether to continue the relationship, couples therapy may provide useful support.

Couples Therapy

$200* per 60 minute session

Child Therapy

$200* per 60 minute session

We engage minors in therapy by making the process fun while lending great respect to their input, needs, and comfort level. Your therapist will draw from their various areas of training such as  play, animal assisted, and art therapy modalities to help your child feel comfortable and work through a treatment plan.

Our approach to working with children is very family-based. We prefer to have parents involved by providing input, learning new skills and strategies, supporting the child through the therapy process and participating in problem solving. Our approach to working with teens will vary depending on the needs and wishes of the teen, though we still prefer to keep open lines of communication with parents.

Please note that we are happy to work with minors with written consent from all legal guardians. This consent must be provided prior to our meeting the minor. We require a legal guardian to be present at the first session to review consent and provide the opportunity for them to offer me input and share their hopes for the process.

Family Therapy

$250* per 75 minute session

The goal of family therapy is to strengthen and support the family system so that all members can be nurtured and cared for. Focus is on communication and relationship patterns between family members; at the same time, individual awareness and insight are encouraged. 


Family therapy aims to help family members respect and accommodate each others' needs for connection and acceptance.  We work through an attachment focus and systemic approaches. Sessions may include one, two or all family members, at the discretion of the therapist in consultation with family members.

*These rates are based on the recommended fee schedule set forth by the Psychologist's Association of Alberta. Rates will vary according to session length and among each therapist. Please contact us to find out more about our session rates.

Speaking events

Please contact us for pricing information

Landry Psychology is very excited to offer speaking events! This is an area of work that we love because we get to be creative, share interesting information about our work with large groups of people, and have a little fun at the same time!

You can expect our psychologists to offer engaging presentations tailored to whatever topic you hope to learn more about. Because we don't take ourselves too seriously, you can expect humour, flexibility, and we welcome questions and collaboration.

From one hour lunch & learns to workshops and guest speaking events, we are happy to engage groups of any size, virtually or in person as COVID-19 regulations permit. We provide our own structured presentations, or we can work with you to create a custom presentation for your audience.

Sample presentations include:

  • Let's Talk about Mental Health

  • Anxiety 101

  • Communication 101

  • Preventing Burnout

low-cost therapy

$50- $100 per session

We are happy to offer therapy at a reduced rate to our community through our student therapist!

Jilynne is currently completing her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. As part of her training as a future psychologist, Jilynne is required to complete a supervised practicum. She will be closely supervised by two of our experienced registered psychologists- Kristi Landry and Rebecca Ings.

Jilynne will work with individuals, couples and families to address issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, burnout, and relationship issues.

Jilynne starts with us in January, 2022. Contact us today to join her waitlist!


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