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individual therapy

Available to adults 18+ in person at our Edmonton office, by phone, or secure virtual sessions.

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who is it for?

Therapy is for anyone, whether you are dealing with a major trauma or just trying to cope with everyday stressors. We also value a proactive approach that provides skills and support in anticipation of stressful life events or transitions. Whether you are looking for a single solution-focused session or long-term support, there is much to gain from individual therapy.

Individual sessions are tailored to whatever issue you are seeking support for. Your therapist will spend some time in your first meeting reviewing your goals and gaining an understanding of what hopes you may have for the therapy process. Our intention is to create a treatment plan in your first session together and your therapist may offer suggestions for what they feel may be the best approach to resolving whatever issues you may be dealing with. This is a collaborative process, and your input and comfort level is very important to us.

For more information about what a typical first session looks like, please click here.


All of our therapists provide individual therapy using approaches based in their specialized training.

To determine who might be the best fit for you, consider checking out our profiles, taking our Therapist Match Quiz, or requesting a no-fee consult using the contact form below.

Marlen Walker
Rebecca Ings
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Jilynne Whittington
Josh Fritz
Natahlie McKay
Janelle Lee Pong
Sarah Mittelsteadt
Alora Kyllo
Lyvia Hughes
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