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sex therapy

Available to individual adults or couples age 18+ in person at our Edmonton office, by phone, or secure virtual sessions.

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who is it for?

Sexuality is the core of human experience.

Sex therapy is for any adult experiencing any sex-related issue during sex (intercourse, outercourse and/or masturbation) during any stage of the sexual-response cycle, including desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution. Our providers are also trained to help you address sexual trauma and sexual pain disorders. It is appropriate for both individuals and relationship dynamics to attend. Sex therapy is also a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to delve more into topics and issues related to intimacy in general.

Our sex therapists are ENM-informed and kink-concious. They will assist you with the mental and emotional aspects of sexual dysfunction and may address other aspects including sex education/miseducation, processing of sexual trauma, feelings of shame related to sex, issues related to gender identity or sexual orientation, relationship and communication issues and more.


Our trained sex therapists offer a mix of daytime, evening and weekend appointments.


phone: (780) 708-7335

Lyvia Hughes
Jilynne Whittington
Sarah Mittelsteadt
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