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trauma therapy

For individuals of all ages who have experienced trauma (recent, historical, or ongoing).

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who is it for?

The definition of trauma is ever-changing. We think of it as any experience that overwhelms our ability to cope. For some people, the impacts of trauma can develop into mental health concerns such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This results in a number of symptoms that help us survive a trauma, but tend to interfere with functioning and wellness once the danger has passed. Symptoms include hypervigilance, flashbacks, sleep disruption, difficulty concentrating, withdrawal, anxiety, avoidance, persistent guilt and shame, and bodily pain.

Trauma impacts individuals of all ages from all walks of life. It is never too late to start treatment, and no trauma is too insignificant.


All of our therapists use trauma-informed approaches in their work, and we are all dedicated to ongoing training in the most updated best practices for treating trauma.

To determine who might be the best fit for you, consider checking out our profiles, taking our Therapist Match Quiz, or requesting a no-fee consult using the contact form below.

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