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Josh Fritz


Meet josh

Hello Everyone,


Do you want to understand the Why and the How? As in "Why do I do this?" and "How did the behaviour or trait come about?" If so, my background in genetics will help identify the interaction between your nature (DNA) and nurture (what have learned in your environment) in a well-rounded approach. Simply put, your DNA is the blueprint of you and your environment is the building materials you have to build from those instructions. My goal is to foster an understanding of why you used each material to build each part and therefore learn how to dismantle unnecessary so that new ones can be built.


Through volunteering with at-risk children and working as a 911 dispatcher, I have been told that my calm demeanor is fundamental in establishing stability during crisis situations. A proverbial rock for in the storm that is emotional distress whether it is on the worst day of your life or remembering the tough times you have gone through. Because of my experiences, very little will shock me and there is will be absolutely no judgment. My colleagues in the dispatch centre would tell me how comforting it was to hear my calm, controlled tone in the midst of the chaos that surrounds an emergency situation.


Lastly, I understand how hard it can be to face problems head on. At my worst, I got a job on a cruise ship thinking that distance and time would solve all of my problems. I learned that they will dull the sharp edges of some problems (not all) and actually lead to a host of different concerns. This helped me to learn how to recognize that there are a number of different approaches, solutions, and perspectives that can be taken to deflect or solve different problems, noting that sometimes space is needed to understand the angles. It only took me travelling halfway across the world to figure this out, leading to my new goal of helping others figure it out here!

Because of my experience, I have developed a love for teaching people how to understand themselves and why they developed their problem traits. Through a mixture of nature and nurture, solutions are found to problems during crises that we then hold onto because they work. However, that solution can become the problem when it becomes unyielding and inflexible as we trying to force it into situations it wasn't precisely designed for. Therefore, I find it integral to teach clients how to rebuild these processes to be more adaptive and malleable to current problems they may be facing, thus allowing them to be changed again in the future without needing as much help of guidance. With that in mind I incorporate elements of Solution Focus Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and (more recently) Narrative Therapy to help you achieve your goals!

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My supervisor:

Rebecca 5.jpg

Rebecca Ings
Registered Psychologist

The greatest piece of advice I've received:

Any time you're thinking about giving up, just take one more step, even if you think it again one second later, just take one more step.

Something on my bucket list:

I would love to see the great pyramids of Egypt! I have a special place in my heart of old-world mythologies and have been to the acropolis in Greece and seen the Pantheon in Rome, so Egypt is definitely high on my list of places to go when I can!

My top 3 values:




If I was an animal I'd be...

A unicorn! Because why not be legendary all the time (and no one said it had to be a real animal)! Also, because it's rare to find men in the counselling psychology field.

I have a day totally to myself, with no obligations. Where would you find me?

Being that it's Alberta and winter is the norm, you would typically find me one of two places. The first curled up in my favorite spot with cup of hot chocolate in one hand, a book in the other, and my cuddly (once she gets to know you) dog laying in my lap. The other would be on a mountain somewhere with my snowboard strapped on and good music playing in my ears.

Besides my work, a special skill of mine:

I have learned that I can hum and whistle at the same time! I can even carry a tune!

My Myers-Briggs personality type:

INTP: The Objective Analyst.

My Work

Populations I Work With
  • Adults of all ages

  • Teens

  • First Responders

Areas of Practice
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Stress and burnout

  • PTSD

  • Identity issues

  • Vicarious Trauma

My Therapeutic Modalities
  • CBT

  • Solution-focused

  • Gestalt

  • Humanistic

  • Narrative therapy

  • EMDR therapy

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