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Life coaching

low-cost therapy

Available to adults and youth age 12+. Sessions take place at our Edmonton office, though phone and secure virtual sessions are also available.

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who is it for?

We get it- therapy is expensive! With the Psychologist's Association of Alberta's recommended rate of $220/session, therapy can be difficult to access for everyone in our community. This is why we are pleased to offer therapy at a reduced rate through our student counsellors.

Josh and Sarah are currently completing their Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. As part of their training as future psychologists, Josh and Sarah are required to complete a supervised practicum. They will be closely supervised by two of our experienced registered psychologists- Rebecca Ings and Kristi Landry.

These counsellors work with adults and youth to address issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, burnout, and relationship issues. Both of our student counsellors also have a particular interest in working with first responders.

To learn more about working with our students, please contact us!


Josh is available Monday evenings, Tuesday mornings and Fridays. Sarah will be starting her practicum with us in May, though you can join her waitlist by contacting us directly! To determine which therapist might be the best fit, we suggest checking out our individual profiles.


phone: (780) 708-7335

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Sarah Mittelsteadt
Student Counsellor


Josh Fritz
Student Counsellor

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