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Therapy Session

narrative therapy

Available to adults and youth age 15+. Sessions take place at our Edmonton office, though phone and secure virtual sessions are also available.

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who is it for?

Narrative Therapy uses storytelling and personal narratives to illuminate the unique ways that you as an individual understand and make meaning from your life, and the world around you. By exploring your stories in rich detail, we are presented with an opportunity to re-author identities outside of the problems we are addressing in therapy. After all, there is so much more to you than the thing you are coming to therapy for! We will draw from your knowledge as the expert of your lived experience, and recognize that you bring with you your talents, wisdom, and convictions that will help us to untangle the hold of problems from your life. To do so, we will take into consideration broader social influences that affect the opportunities and choices available to you, such as race, power and privilege, gender identity, and religious affiliation, amongst others. 

As a part of my narrative practice I employ the use of therapeutic documents as a way to document our sessions together, propose new questions, bring attention to interesting ideas of yours, and guide us into our next session. These documents are collaborative works that you and I will create together, adding to a creative body of work that reflects your unique journey. 


Janelle is available for daytime appointments during the week.


phone: (780) 708-7335


Janelle Lee Pong
Registered Social Worker

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