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Do I need a Therapist?

How about we switch up that question. Do you want a new source of support in your life? Are you curious about therapy? If so, please read on.

I'd love to start out by calling out some of the myths floating around about the therapy process. Heard any of these?

  • Therapy is only for people who have serious mental health problems

  • A therapist will just ask you questions like "and how does that make you feel?"

  • Therapy involves lying on a couch or weird chaise and talking about my problems while someone writes notes on a clip board

  • If I go to therapy, it means I am weak and can't handle my own problems

  • I will be judged

  • If people find out I'm going to therapy, they will think something is seriously wrong with me

  • I heard that therapy is all about your childhood and blaming your parents for everything, and I don't wanna do that

  • If I take my child to therapy it means I’m failing. Also, the therapist might eat me alive.

That’s right, my friends- these are all MYTHS.

Anyone can go to therapy, for any reason. And while we can't promise that people in your life won't have snarky comments about you going to therapy, we wonder if you might be able to set a positive example that tending to our mental health is actually totally normal. Not your jam? No problem- we're experts in confidentiality, anyway.

These are some of the common reasons our clients connect with us for the first time:

  • They are feeling overwhelmed with life and need some new tools

  • They don’t feel comfortable talking about their stressors with the people closest to them

  • They are happy with life, but want to see if things can be even better

  • They want to resolve history that has been hard to let go of

  • They are dealing with trauma, anxiety or stress in a way that is impacting their functioning and well-being

  • They are wanting to understand if there are any psychological factors underlying physical health concerns

  • They are looking for a holistic way to approach wellness

  • They want their children to have the opportunity to process difficulties before these experiences shape their development negatively

Therapy is not like we see it on TV. Our therapists at Landry Psychology care about providing an experience that feels warm, safe and genuine at a pace that works best for you. We attempt to balance our nonjudgmental nature with offering new perspectives to help you become the best version of yourself.

Therapy is a great opportunity to process pain in order to release it. It helps us learn new coping skills, new ways of looking at problems, and helps us find the strength and support to make positive changes in our lives. We will help you see your behaviour as the ways you have learned to survive, and we hope to break down any beliefs you might have about being "broken" or "not good enough." You don’t need to have “huge” problems to begin, and you do not need a mental health diagnosis. We will meet you where you are.

While our couches are pretty cozy, we don’t expect you to lay down and talk about your feelings. We can start with a cup of tea or coffee, petting our therapy dog in training (Gator), or sharing a laugh. When you’re ready, we can get to work.

We would love to meet you!

If you are still unsure, many of our therapists are offering free phone consults. Just use the contact form at the bottom of this page to connect with us.

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